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CubieAIO-S500 whole device is the second generation product of Cubie All-In-One family. People usually would need it since they need the LCD display, touch panel and the case. So most of the product description and development resources of CubieAIO-S500 board is the same with CubieAIO-S500. 

CubieAIO-S500 is open source All-In-One Mini embedded computer especially targets many Android & Linux industry applications. This device integrates all the computer’s features and interfaces in a very small size, including host, display and touch panel. It can be used as an end product for a lot of computing and controlling applications across all industries. Because of its open source strategy, people can use it as a development board, get all the source code, documents, and also can discuss the technical issues in the forums. Beyond that, most of the innovative projects can be easily achieved based on it, since CubieAIO-S500’s main board is designed with a small computing module which named Einstein-S500. Einstein-S500 is a independent marketable product in CubieTech company, from this point of view, CubieAIO-S500 is actually a CubieTech official design reference example for the computing module users. We hope the developers to list their products in very short time with the aid of this SOM solution.
Product Information
Name:    CubieAIO-S500 whole device
Property:   Software open source, Hardware open
Owner:    CubieTech Limited
Chipset:   Actions S500, ARM architecture Cotex-A9, Quad-core                  
System:   Android, Debian, and many other open source distribution…
Target:   Developers, Geeks, Makers, Scholars, Students, Terminal Users, Start-up Companies…
Product Introduction 
CubieBoard is open source hardware which is easy to use open source hardware/development board that suit for Students, Developers, Geeks, Makers…The design intention is not only easy to develop, but also easy to use. CubieAIO-S500 whole device is the second generation product of Cubie All-In-One family. After CubieBoard6 operating, we found that Actions’s S500 chipset is really a very good SOC for open source hardware and development board requirements. So we decided to design a new board form for providing more powerful features, more convenient mass production and more effective terminal use.  CubieAIO-S500 is a new board model adopts with Actions S500 SOC and based on SOM+CarrierBoard structure.  

The SOM is named Einstein-S500 and can be sold individually. It’s a very easy to use and low cost product. In order to make it’s easy to use, we decided to make a full-scale application design example for it. So that the users no longer need to read too many documents. If they have project and decide to choose Einstein-S500 module, most of the project features are all ready and just do the deleting and cutting works. So the product time to market will become very short.

Besides that, we also reserve lots of expansion ports and pins on CubieAIO-S500 board , such as SPI, I2C MIPI, UART, PWM, ADC and GPIO. The powerful expansion capacity makes the CubieAIO-S500 to be a excellent development board. The new features can be easily to achieved, new devices and modules can be driven up as well. So we can say CubieAIO-S500 is also incubation platform for innovative works.

Thirdly, since low cost, low power, high stability and flexible customization properties of embedded system, the X86 computers used in many industries tend to be replaced by embedded computer. CubieAIO is a very good choice in numerous embedded because of the firm and durable metal case, host & display all-in-one design structure. We believe that CubieAIO-S500 will simplify many managing and controlling applications in various industries. This is also CubieAIO’s product design motivations.

The CubieAIO-S500 whole device contains a CubieAIO-S500 all-in-one device, a 5V@4A wall power adapter, a Type-B USB device cable, a telescopic antenna for Wifi & Bluetooth, and connector terminals for expanding the UART and GPIO signals.

It has 6 USB host ports, 1 USB device port, 1 earphone & Mic-In port, a micro SD card slot, HDMI display port, a 10M/100M RJ45 port, a IR receiver sensor, two onboard Leds, a buzzer for abnormal reminder. It supports 3G/4G mini-PCIE data communication module. Since the onboard mini-PCIE SATA port, CubieAIO-S500 supports MSATA SSD for storage capacity expansion. The board includes 3 keys for power On/Off, Reset and Reflash the ROM/image. 

Many open source organizations will support CubieAIO-S500, such as Android, Debian, Unbuntu, Fedora, openWrt and so on. 

Accessories list
1. A CubieAIO-S500 whole device
2. A 5V@4A wall power adapter
3. A MIDIjack terminal for UART expansion
4. A telescopic antenna
5. Environmental protection packaging 
Main-board Features
• Actions SOC S500, ARM® Cortex™-A9 Quad-Core,Imagination PWR544 GPU
• LPDDR3@560MHz (1120MTPS), 2GB Default, 512M DRAM and 1GB DRAM are optional
• HDMI 1080P@60Hz display output
• 10M/100M Ethernet RJ45
• Wifi+BT 4.0 wireless connection with external antenna
• SATA 3.0 interface support MSATA
• Support 3G/4G miniPCIE module with data communication
• Storage solution:8GB default eMMC on board
• 6 x USB HOST, 1 x Device USB port, 1 x IR, 2 x LEDs, 1 x Headphone and Micin jack, 3 x Keys
• Power:DC5V @ 4A, support Real Time Clock battery
• Many extended pins including UART, PWM, Low Resolution ADC, SPI, I2C, LVDS, GPIOs, MIPI_CSI,…
Other Specifications
Operating Temperature:     -20℃~70℃
Environment Friendly:     RoHS
Radio Standard:     FCC & CE compatible
Device Size:     175mm*108mm*30mm
Packing Weight:    985g
Packing Size:     230mm*153mm*98mm
Development Materials
Technical Website:
Resources and Materials for oversea:
Resources and Materials for Chinese:    CubieAIO-S500整机百度云盘下载链接
Distribution contacts:
Technical contacts:

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