HDD RAID Subboard


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In the cloud storage and big data era, data storage security becomes more and more important. So the storage devices need to quest the bigger storage capacity and guarantee the absolute safety of data storage. 

CubieTech’s HDD RAID subboard is to cater this requirement and designed for CubieBoard3 and CubieBoard5. HDD RAID subboard is compatible with CubieBoard3/CubieBoard5 in physical structure. It can support 2 pieces 2.5 inch HDD/SSD or 2 pieces 3.5 inch HDD, and can support hardware RAID0, RAID1, JOBD, PM working modes. 

Product Information

Name:         HDD RAID Subboard
Property:   Software open source, Hardware open
Owner:        CubieTech Limited
Target:        Developer, Geek, Maker, Scholar…and finished products Manufacturer

Product Introduction

The HDD RAID subboard supports hardware RAID0, RAID1, JOBD and PM working modes. We set RAID1 as the default mode, if you want to change to another working mode, some optional resistor setting is needed to change. 

The HDD RAID subboard supports connecting 2 piece 2.5 inch HDD or SSD. 3.5 inch HDDs are also supported if the power adapter is strong enough. Taking the battery power supply into consideration, 2 piece SSDs are better choice since the SSD has the lower power consumption. 

The input interface of HDD RAID subboard supply 2 choice, one is USB3.0, another is SATA port. so with the USB3.0 interface, this add-on suboard is easy to used with some other devices, such as PC, intelligent router, and other single board computers … So The HDD RAID suboard is a independent product  and can be used in lots of data storage application areas. 

Product Features

1. Solution: JMS562 from Jmicron
2. Input interface: USB3.0 or SATA3.0
3. Output interface: 2 SATA3.0 ports
4. Output interface: 2 SATA3.0 ports for connecting the HDD/SSD
5. Power input: 12V@4A
6. Power output: 5V@2A for powering the CubieBoard3/CubieBoard5
7. Contents: HDD RAID suboard, a short power cable, SATA cable x2, SATA transit line, USB cable, packaging
8. Board Size: 113mm*85mm*19mm
9. Packing Size: 204mm*148mm*41mm

Other Specifications

Operating Temperature:     -20℃~70℃
Environment Friendly:         RoHS
Radio Standard:                 Fcc & CE compatible
Packing Weight:                 235g

Development Materials

Technical Website:             http://cubieboard.org/
Resources and Materials:    http://dl.cubieboard.org/addon/HDD-RAID/
Distribution contacts:          sales@cubietech.com
Technical contacts:             support@cubietech.com
Distributor:                        http://cubieboard.org/buy/