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CubieTech Limited is a dedicated embedded technology development company which already has a history of 5 years. CubieTech operates the CubieBoard open source hardware brand and supplys  many embedded product customization services. Since the strong technical team and rich design experience, Actions Technology hoped both companies would having a more extended cooperation and decided to […]

After almost 1 year development, we finally released the CubieBoard5, Aka CubieTruck Plus. CubieBoard product line from CubieTech Limited is open source hardware specially for geeks and makers. Since August 2015 when we released the CubieBoard1,we now have 5 model products. CubieBoard5 is the enhanced version of CubieBoard3.They both have the same PCB size and similar features difinition. But […]

Cubietech is very glad to announce, Cubieboard4 which also named CC-A80 is all ready to ship. We always have goods in stock. For more technical resource and technology news please visit Cubieboard technical blog: If you want to download the resource, Please come to this web page: