5300mAh Li-Po Battery

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Battery is the basic energy condition of mobile devices. Today, people all want to get rid of the shackles of cable. Mobile devices become more and more popular. Wired dependent products always have limitations on the application. 

CubieBoards paid enough attention in mobile applictions all the time. By now, CubieBoard3, CubieBoard4, CubieBoard5, CubieBoard6, and Einstein-A20 all support Li-Po battery power supply. Battery power supply not only allows the device to move up, but also guarantees the data safety. 

In order to reduce the management difficulty, our team specially customized a Li-Po battery for all the CubieBoard family products. We ensure all the battery supported CubieBoards can use this model battery. Even though there are hard disk drive in the system, it’s can still work normally. The battery model is XTEF855095. 

Product Information
Name:   3.7V 5300mAh Li-Po Battery,model XTEF855095 
Property:  Software open source, Hardware open, Production materials closed
Owner:    Kcell Power Limited
Target:    Developer, Geek, Maker, Scholar, Student…

Product Features
1. Nominal Voltage:   3.7V
2. Capacity:   5300mAh(Minimum)
3. Charge Voltage:  4.20V(Limited )
4. Internal Resistance:   <=160mmΩ (Max)
5. Charge Mode:  Constant Current/Constant  Voltage
6. Charging Current:  Standard Charge 0.2C(The initial charging current 1060mA)     Quick Charge 1C (The initial charging current 5300mA)
7. Charging Time:  Standard Charge: 8Hours    Quick Charge: 2.5Hours
8. Charging Current:  5300mA(Maximum )   Discharging Current: 10600mA(Maximum )
9. Restrict Voltage:  4.28V±0.05V(overcharge)   3.0V±0.1V(discharge)          
Other Specifications
Operating Temperature:   charging 0℃~45℃  discharging -20~60℃
Storage Temperature:  1month -20~45℃    6months -20~35℃
Environment Friendly:   RoHS
Packing Weight:   90g
Packing Size:   95mm*49mm*8mm

Development Materials

Download:   http://dl.cubieboard.org/part/battery/
Distribution contacts:    sales@cubietech.com
Technical contacts:    support@cubietech.com
Distributors:    http://cubieboard.org/buy/