2M USB Camera

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Product Information

Name:       2M Camera,model XiFT-N20M12

Property:Software open source, Hardware open, Production materials closed

Owner:      XiFullTon Limited

Target:      Developer, Geek, Maker, Scholar, Student

Product Introduction

        High quality color photo imaging at 720P resolution and video capability can now

be easily embedded into next generation low-power , low-noise demands products with this

new module XiFT-N20M12 .The camera module outputs image data with high speed USB

2.0 interface.  Wi th high performance packaging technology (special patent) , it achieved

compacted size with high reliability of this module. It also features wide dynamic range by

implementing high sensitivity and less noise.

Product Features

1、Optical size Sensor:   1/4″ inch COMS sensor

2、Sensor Resolution:  1280*720

3、Unit pixel size:          3μm x 3μm

4、Color filter:                YUV/YCBCR 4:2:2

5、Shutter type:             Electronic Rolling Shutter

6、Capture frame rate:  25 fps@VGA(Max)

7、Video frame rate:      25fps@VGA(Max)

8、View Angle:               80°

9、F Number:                1.8

10、White Balance:       Auto

11、Focus Distance:     2M

12、Interface:               USB 2.0

13、Consumption:        Suspend  4mA 士 3mA

                                        Operating  100mA 士 5mA @ 1280×720 /25fps

Other Specification

Operating Temperature:  5℃-60°C

Environment Friendly:     RoHS

Radio Standard:              Fcc & CE compatible         

Dimensions (mm)           40mm x 45rnm x 29mm+0.3/-0.3mm


Development Materials

Technical Website:         http://cubieboard.org/

Distribution contacts:      sales@cubietech.com

Technical contacts:         support@cubietech.com

Distributor:                      http://cubieboard.org/buy/